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  1. This is worthy your lifetime prosperity continue reading and start selling on Zabuys today.
  2. You are required to fill in a form later on this site, automatically will be redirected to the Sign Up page, then instantly become a seller/vendor on Zabuys.
  3. Zabuys team contacts you, and negotiate on the terms and the commission percentage. Normally the percentage is 10% , may vary depending on the category of products you are selling.
  4. You upload product-photos plus the details from your account dashboard. If you get any problem with the products upload send your products and details on this Whatsap number 0700984894, Zabuys will do it for you.
  5. Products are displayed on Zabuys.com website and you can update them or add new ones anytime you want.
  6. When a customer orders a product, you receive an Email. You are able to follow up every transaction taking place in your store.
  7. A Zabuys worker with Identifications presents a shipment paper/receipt containing the order numbers of products to be shipped. Or the seller can ship the products by him/her self to Zabuys offices .
  8. When the product is delivered and accepted by the buyer, the seller gets an Email confirming that the transaction is complete.
  9. Payments are made twice a week, which is Wednesday and Saturday.Orders delivered on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are paid on Wednesday. Orders delivered on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are paid on Saturday.
  10. When payments to the seller have been made, we send you(seller) the paid order numbers by Email,Whatsap or text. So you keep the shipment receipts very well to follow up your payments.
  11. With any delay or any problem with your payments you contact these numbers 0700984894,0394844871 ,EMAIL- [email protected] or come to our offices at Muganzirwazza Katwe RD Kampala 2nd floor after Delta TV, Kampala-Uganda.