TO USE ZABUYS.COM YOU MUST ACCEPT IT’S TERMS OF USE AND CONDITIONS is a multivendor ecommerce website working and registered under Zabuys company limited.


(1.1) Disclaimer of liability

Hacked accounts: Zabuys is not responsible for any loss that result from hacking your account. In addition, if someone uses your account to steal other people,you are the one responsible for this theft.

You are responsible for protecting your Zabuys accounts by using strong PIN numbers to prevent fraud.

Theft by vendors; Directly pay ZABUYS COMPANY LIMITED,DON’T PAY VENDORS.

Zabuys is the only body responsible of receiving payments and paying vendors . So any payment made to a vendor by a customer is recognised.



(2.1) Intellectual Property/Trademarks

Intellectual Property/Trademarks ;Zabuys is more vulnerable to intellectual property theft. Images, design, content, logos, product descriptions and the overall look and feel of Zabuys website.Zabuys  brands and trademarks must not be misused in any way and  nothing contained within the website should be construed as granting any license or the right to use any trademark without the prior written consent of Zabuys Company Limited.

(3.1)Payment Terms

Payments terms:No transaction will be processed before payments have been fully made.The quicker you pay, the qicker you receive the product.

All available payment gateways are indicated on the Checkout page.

No payments made outside this site.


(4.1)Data Protection/Privacy policy

  • Access: Customers manage access to their customer content ,services and resources. We provide an advanced set of access, encryption, and logging features to help you do this effectively . We do not access or use customer content for any purpose without the customer’s consent.
  • Storage: Customer content will be stored. We will not move or replicate customer content without the customer’s consent.
  • Security: Customers choose how their customer content is secured. We offer our customers strong encryption for customer content in transit or at rest, and we provide customers with the option to manage their own encryption keys.
  • Disclosure of customer content: We do not disclose customer content unless we’re required to do so to comply with the law or a valid and binding order of a governmental or regulatory body. Unless prohibited from doing so or there is clear indication of illegal conduct in connection with the use of Zabuys products or services, Zabuys notifies customers before disclosing customer content so they can seek protection from disclosure.

(5.1)Delivery Terms

Delivery: Delivery arrangements are made after full payments have been made including the fees for delivering the products.We deliver after 24 hours or beyond depending on the time it takes the goods to be shipped from the vendor or other  factors.

Zabuys is not responsible for transporting products from the vendor,and not responsible for the goods from Zabuys to the buyer.The vendor is responsible for transporting of goods to the Zabuys stores and the External named logistic company is responsible for goods from Zabuys stores to the buyer,but Zabuys tracks the goods until they reach the buyer. Any loss made in transit will be paid by the logistic company.

Zabuys will only pay the vendor if the buyer receives the products as he/she ordered them.

Delivering fees depend on the geographical location of the customer,weight of the product,bulkness of the product and the total amount purchased.

(6.1)Product Information

Product Information & Product Warranties ;

The product details are well stated on the product page,read very carefully about the product before buying it. Some products have warranty and others don’t have.

Also for some products there is a detailed descriptions on how to use them.

NO WARRANTY to a product if warranty is not indicated on the product details.

(7.1)Right to cancel

Right to cancel –A customer has the right to cancel the order before he/she makes payments.After making payments you will not be cancel the order.

Zabuys full rights to cancel any order at any time in case of payment failure .Also an order can be canceled if a need to cancel it arise.

(8.1)External Links

External Links : External links provided are only for reference.Anything you do with the external link after clicking,you do it at your own risk.

These Zabuys Terms of Use  sets out the terms for accessing this website and applies to every single visitor,customer and the vendor.