our story


Zabuys is multi-seller website of herbs.  Basically all the remedies are from Africa mainly from Uganda and the neighboring countries.

Africa being gifted with natural resources like herbs, this was seen as a great opportunity  for local farmers to start exporting to other countries where they might need herbs for raw consumption and for industrial processing to produce things like supplements.

Zabuys.com is website owned by Zabuys Co. LTD, a company registered in Uganda (Registration NO.80020000708064 ) and started business in early 2018.

Zabuys.com was founded by Mahad Bwanika who later was joined by other 9 friends who funded more into the company for it’s initial takeoff.


To build a large online empire where people can discover any natural remedy they might want to buy online. 


To become World’s biggest multi-vendor Herbs ecommerce website. Facilitate online trade across the globe and appreciating all technological advancement at whatever cost.

Major objective

Develop a quick, reliable and sustainable delivery mechanism to ensure the products ordered are delivered on time. To have a 45 minutes delivery within our local area and less than 5 days to the rest of the world.