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Please protect your phone from screen break and scratch. Save money not always buying new phones but protecting your current phone!

Open the little towelette package with a 1 and begin to wipe down your phone glass completely removing all grease, smudge marks, and dirt. Take your time going around the edges and home button. Look at the screen from all different angles to ensure that you have removed all marks from the screen. FYI the towelette is moist, but don’t worry as you are rubbing down the screen and you see a little residue from the towelette, it will dry quickly and will not hurt your phone. After you feel that you have removed everything you can you can move onto step 2.


Remove The Dust – Open the dry wipe from package 2 and begin wiping the screen from top to bottom while looking at the screen from different angles again while looking for the smallest dust particles. If a dust particle is left on the screen, it could potentially cause the tempered glass to have a bubble once placed on the screen. So make sure to TAKE YOUR TIME and do not rush this step. After you feel that the screen is free from dust, it is time to move onto step 3 to install.


Placing The Glass – Carefully remove the glass from the white protective sleeve. Place your phone with its freshly cleaned screen directly in front of you laying horizontally. Pull the tab at the top of the glass slowly to remove the clear plastic adhesive from the glass. With both hands on the glass (top & bottom), slowly lay the glass starting with the end that has the small ear piece cut out first. Line up the cut out around the earpiece first and making sure that is it centered as perfect as you can get. Then proceed to slowly lay the glass down towards the home button of the phone without adding any additional pressure to the glass. Once the tempered glass is close to the home button, begin to line it up so that when you release the glass, it will fall perfectly centered around the home button. Once you are at the point where you are about to let go of the glass, you can position it slightly left or right if you need to center it a little bit more on the phone.


Let The Glass Do The Work – After you have fully placed the tempered glass screen protector on the phone, you will see quickly that the glass will do the work and adhere to the screen of the phone. With a little bit of pressure you can push around the edges or anywhere that you may see a bubble. Within a days time all the edges and any little bubble spots should go away.

That’s it. Take your time and follow these steps outlined above and you won’t even be able to tell you have the protective glass on your phone. Enjoy!

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