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This package consist of 3 flat tummy and weight loss products: Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT), Shakeoff Phyto Fiber and Ginseng Tea. These 3 products will help you achieve a Healthy flat tummy and burn your belly Fat in 7 days!!!

EDMARK Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT) will help your burn fat and nourish your body. The best Way to lose weight is to eat less calorie food, have a proper nutritional diet and exercise. This will cut the unnecessary fat and maintain the body’s ideal weight. The Edmark MRT is a safe, effective and fast way in reducing obesity to maintain a slender and healthy figure. The Edmark MRT Burns fats and at the same time contains a complete range of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids to maintain high energy level. It Replaces Your Meals With Minimum Calories, Maximum Nutrition, Vitamins & Has Fat Burning Properties.


Edmark MRT replaces your meal while losing weight. While taking MRT, you will minimize your intake of high calorie food like: bread, rice, yam, garri, etc and replace your daily food with Four (4) sachets of MRT taken at different time intervals. You will eat Normal food only once a day. As a result of controlled level of carbohydrates taken over a few days, the body will experience a shortage of glucose, the most desired fuel in the body. Our body will begin to turn to glycogen store for energy. Once these stores depletes, it will start to seek alternative fuel in the body. Our body will then turn to fats stored as emergency supplies in the body, with the aid of the liver, and convert it to the energy that the body needs. You then lose weight without starving yourself, Stay Fit and then you Feel great. Edmark MRT comes in three delicious flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. A Box of Edmark MRT contains 28 sachets of the meal replacement therapy. Each is 20g. The Nafdac Number for MRT is A1-8977. It is Manufactured under GMP, HACC and ISO 22000:2005

Edmark Shakeoff Phyto Fiber Is A Superior Colon Cleansing Health Drink Made From All Natural Ingredients That Sweeps And Flushes Out All The Toxins From Our Colon & Leaves It Clean And Healthy. Shakeoff contains the following ingredients: Plant Fiber, Roselle, Oats, Garcinia Cambogia. It helps to cleanse and detoxify digestive system to maintain good health and promote longevity. It come in 2 flavors – Panda and Lemon Flavors. A Box of Edmark Shakeoff contains 12 sachets of the fiber food. Each is 20g. The Nafdac Number for shakeoff is A1-4194. It is Manufactured under GMP, HACC and ISO 22000:2005.

EDMARK Ginseng coffee will rejuvenate your heart, body and mind. Made from a natural blend of the finest Arabica coffee beans from Brazil and Columbia, and infused with Korean Ginseng extract, which is known for increasing longevity. A smooth, elegant and refreshing coffee drinking experience, EDMARK’s Ginseng Coffee is a health drink that will truly satisfy your discriminating taste. NAFDAC No. A1-4196. Each box comes with 20 sachets of the complete coffee-mix. Each sachet is 18g. It is Manufactured under GMP, HACC and ISO 22000:2005. Healthy coffee has never tasted this better!

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