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Edmark Mocha Health Benefits

>>Boosts immune system and stamina
>>Lowers blood sugar level
>>Ganoderma extract that offers health benefits
>>Oxygenate the body and balance body pH
>>Supports blood circulation and rejuvenate cells
>>Supports memory and focus
>>Reduces blood pressure
>>Increases concentration
>>Tastefully crisp and delicious

How to Prepare Edmark Mocha

To drink your refreshing cocoa and coffee mix, pour 1
sachet of Edmark mocha gourmet coffee and cocoa powder
mix into a tea mug. Add 150 ml of hot water. Stir and
enjoy a perfect taste of healthy chocolate coffee.
There is no need to add sugar or milk as the mixture
already contains adequate quantity of healthy creamer
and sweetener.
Adding cocoa to gourmet coffee is a classic flavor
combination and provides the benefits of chocolate
without the sugar or fat associated with candy.

>>Edmark Cappuccino contains Ganoderma Extract. It
promotes health while giving your fix for coffee. And it is
loaded with health benefits.

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