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Provides deep tissue massage for your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, feet, tights, calf, legs, feet and arms-helping you to relieve stress and muscle aches in your entire body and help you relax;
Adjustable strength-this neck massage mat has 3 speed strength levels that allow you to get appropriate and appropriate pressure to relieve muscle pain;
Soothing and firming skin with soothing deep-massage acupressure massage, a portable massager that relaxes all parts of the body-especially for the shoulders, neck, upper/lower back and legs.
Ergonomic, including built-in armrests, fully relaxed, adjustable straps for hands-free massage, so you can stay energized, designed as a shoulder, neck or back massager-adjustable to massage thighs and calves; If there is a product problem, you can contact us, we 24 hours, for your service.

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