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Enhance your sexual power. Start eating Mulondo today.

Mulondo tree seeds,branches,en roots  can be used to increase size,improve libido and reduce sexual exhaustion. Scientists have revealed that Mulondo tree branches (mondia) can be used to improve men’s libido,increase the penis size and reduce sexual exhaustion.
Health experts say that Mulondo is more than just an aphrodisiac. Mulondo is scientifically called mondia white, and the plant is popular in central Uganda for boosting sexual performance.  This is because the plant is high in zinc, a nutrient that boosts testosterone, improving libido and reducing sexual exhaustion.
Mulondo also decreases blood pressure. Without interfering with the body’s functionality, it also controls diarrhea. Mulondo tree improves appetite and its roots are also popular for its good aroma. However it is not advisable to chew fresh roots in large amounts because it tends to numb the body.

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