Data Protection/Privacy policy

  • Access: Customers manage access to their customer content ,services and resources. We provide an advanced set of access, encryption, and logging features to help you do this effectively . We do not access or use customer content for any purpose without the customer’s consent.
  • Storage: Customer content will be stored. We will not move or replicate customer content without the customer’s consent.
  • Security: Customers choose how their customer content is secured. We offer our customers strong encryption for customer content in transit or at rest, and we provide customers with the option to manage their own encryption keys.
  • Disclosure of customer content: We do not disclose customer content unless we’re required to do so to comply with the law or a valid and binding order of a governmental or regulatory body. Unless prohibited from doing so or there is clear indication of illegal conduct in connection with the use of Zabuys products or services, Zabuys notifies customers before disclosing customer content so they can seek protection from disclosure.